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Cloud Spectator Report - OVHcloud Bare metal servers solve some of the most challenging IT infrastructure problems facing businesses that demand high-performance and critical compute power.

Cloud Spectator, a benchmarking and consulting firm, recently evaluated the performance of two different OVHcloud bare metal servers to find out how they compete with other bare metal and dedicated offerings.

Cloud Spectator tested eight different bare metal configurations from a total of five well-known cloud providers–such as AWS, IBM and Liquid Web– to see how OVHcloud’s Scale and High Grade servers stack up in terms of performance and price. The results were measured using a standardized, repeatable testing methodology.

Key findings from the Cloud Spectator Bare Metal Analysis: 

  • OVHcloud’s Scale-5 server has 12% faster CPU performance than AWS c5n.metal EC2

  • OVHcloud has 74% better CPU price/performance than IBM

  • OVHcloud’s Scale-5 server offers the highest read/write IOPs for NVMe storage*

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*OVHcloud’s Scale-5 server performed best in the following categories against similar in class servers: FIO – 4k – Average Write IOPS, FIO – 4k Average Read IOPS, GeekBench 5 single core and multicore CPU tests