Private Virtual Local Area Networking with vRack
Group your services, connect virtually and communicate privately

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Stringent data privacy and security laws. Increasing software licensing costs. Swaths of data causing latency delays. And bad actors trying to gain access to your systems. Let vRack solve your networking challenges, such as:

  • By using a private internet connection with vRack, you’ll increase your bandwidth speed, reduce jitter and ensure low traffic/no collisions with superior routing.
  • If your private network is physically managed by OVHcloud, no software applications or network configurations are required on your servers.
  • You can use vRack on our dedicated servers, public cloud servers and hosted private cloud servers. 
  • Using our unique network technology, you can build highly secure, complex private infrastructures on a global multi-data center scale.
Download our white paper, Private Virtual Local Area Networking with vRack, to learn the business-critical advantages of vRack.

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