Kubernetes gives developers the cloud-native capabilities they need

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Kubernetes on Public Cloud allows for a cloud-native approach to developing applications and services. By utilizing this advanced approach, developers are able to isolate their applications and services speeding up the delivery to clients, the ability to fix bugs, and lowering the overall cost of maintaining the infrastructure.

Kubernetes is also becoming the most popular container orchestration platform in the world. In a recent Cloud Native Computing Foundation survey, over 78% of respondents selected Kubernetes as their orchestration platform.1

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • Why is cloud-native important today
  • What are Containers and Containerization
  • Why Kubernetes is important for microservice architecture
  • The benefits of Kubernetes to DevOps teams
  • And more...

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1 https://www.cncf.io/blog/2020/03/04/2019-cncf-survey-results-are-here-deployments-are-growing-in-size-and- speed-as-cloud-native-adoption-becomes-mainstream/