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Move or extend your VMware on-premises environment -
including vSphere, vCenter and NSX

vSphere and vCenter


The vSphere Enterprise Plus and vCenter license is included so you can create and manage your virtual machines with total flexibility on 100% dedicated resources.

vSAN Hypervisor


Designed with cutting-edge Intel® hardware, you can natively integrate your vSAN hypervisor — giving you optimal performance and minimal latency.



This network virtualization service works with NSX. It integrates a firewall, a load balancer, and security rules via vSphere.

Research and Data

Leverage automation to manage the skill gap and accelerate migration to the cloud 


Watch this video to learn how OVHcloud addresses a large range of cloud needs. Offering Dedicated Servers, VMware® based Hosted Private Cloud, and OpenStack-based Public Cloud to over 1.4 million customers across 32 data centers worldwide. We own our own global network and have a wide ranging ecosystem of partners, integrators and communities.



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Leverage OVHcloud's state-of-the-art private network to reduce manual intervention 


Download this white paper to learn how to leverage these automation tools and services using our state-of-the-art private networking (vRack) to reduce manual intervention associated with provisioning, configuring, and managing cloud environments.


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Leverage OVHcloud state-of-the-art private network to reduce manual intervention

VMware® vSphere managed by OVHcloud


Simplify the way you manage your Hosted Private Cloud with vSphere, the VMware virtualization platform. The vSphere Enterprise Plus license is integrated and pre-installed into all of our packs. This way, you get accessible pricing without any commitment duration. 



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View your data center in real-time with vScope


When you are managing an infrastructure, it is important to get a quick view of the health and resource usage of your virtual machines. Each Hosted Private Cloud solution comes with the monitoring and supervision tool vScope. Anticipate any actions that need to be taken on your private data center.


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Monitor your private cloud with vROps


The most popular VMware solution for monitoring your OVHcloud Hosted Private Cloud. Easily anticipate your resource requirements to ensure quality of service for your platform. vROps is deployed transparently on your Hosted Private Cloud in read-only mode, providing stability for your environment.


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Additional Resources

White Papers

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Data Center Extension/Migration


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Key Benefits of Future-proof Hosted Private Cloud


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Case Studies

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California Association of Realtors


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Stimson Lumber



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The Urban Community of Bourget Airport


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Resources & Specs

vCenter v6.7U4 Upgrade Requirements


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How to Deploy a VM in the vSphere Web Client


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How to Clone a VM in vSphere



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